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High tea at Fortnum & Mason


Elegant cakes, buttery scones, petite sandwiches filled with a myriad of goodness from smoked salmon to ice cream, exotic teas in beautiful serveware and silver with enough shine to do your make-up, yes this is the high tea heaven for any little girl who’s ever had her girlfriends over for a tea party and given them pretend princess roles in her make-belief royal family, not that I was that girl.


When one of my favorite Londoner David Britland invited us to have high tea at Fortnum & Mason, I came with a proper crown full of expectations, after all, David knows almost everything about everything, and if he gave this place the clout of being the Queen’s grocer, it was ripe to impress.  Impressed became an understatement as I climbed the gilded spiral staircase up 3 floors to the incredibly gorgeous tea salon, golden specks reflected from the china to the moldings, I was impressed before the food.


The food was wonderful, but the whole experience is what ranks Fortnum and Mason unrivaled.  Not just a tea salon, it is a grand department store with five floors of anything from rare cheeses, teas, to exotic perfumes, elegant homeware to expensive jewelry.  With so much scrumptious eye-candy, it is where foodies go to commit their favorite sins, myself included.


I was sad that the TSA limits wouldn’t have allowed me to transport back the three-tier wedding cake with the silhouette cut-outs theme, but numbed my pain with the ten pounds of elderflower green tea that I will be sipping from now until the end of perpetuity.


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happy 4th


A shameless lover of the color palette red, blue, and white, I thought I might send some eye-candy your way to help you color your celebration of prosperity and liberty this July 4th.


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baking {in the English countryside}


Google Zeitgeist was packed with so many fun and intellectually engaging activities.  One of those activities included a baking class in The Grove’s gorgeous garden atrium, where we learned how to bake proper English tarts and scones.  The setting was so beautiful, and the details so charming, I couldn’t help but take photos while we waited during oven time (and maybe a tad bit during…)


Regarding the finished sweets, I must confess that I’m dying to brag about this, since the tarts done by me and Apollo Robbins were among the top three in the competition.  My scones, I’m afraid, were not as stellar, but a girl can learn…


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food | friends | sun

There is a privileged delight I feel when eating with other cooks or foodies.  So when my friend Kris and Lynn invited myself & Chatnoir to have lunch over Santa Monica promenade at Zengo, a partner restaurant to La Sandia, where Kris is a manager, I did all sorts of mental happy dances.  The food was delicious and we got an all-star treatment, thanks to Kris.  But most of all, it was one of those unforgettable afternoons where all things in the universe collide into perfection so that I could see my old beloved friends. – Read More –

{baked} eggs

I love having family meals, and thus this baked eggs recipe is perfect.  Being able to share one pot of brunch goodness is a great way to begin Sundays.

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