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The 1896-8

A Vintage Dressing Room

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The life of a performer is rather unpredictable, especially when it comes to dressing rooms.  When luck is on your side, you end up getting dressed in beautiful spaces that are well-lit and ample with privacy.  But when the muse wants to test your commitment to your art, she puts you in a locker room, closet, or sometimes, your car.

The 1896-2

When dressing rooms are gorgeous, they are the essential components to my inspiration.  There is a romance about it that sprinkles fairy dust over the mundane process of getting dressed.  Last year, when we were in New York to film Brain Games, we were lucky to travel to Brooklyn and film at The 1896, which housed a stunning dressing room, abundant in spectacular natural light and filled to the brim with a collection of antiques.  I took some photos while we were waiting around for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!The 1896-4

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Around our holiday home…

Holiday Decor 2013

I’ve confessed my Christmas addiction to you before and I’m ready to do it again.  I’m unabashedly obsessed with the holidays.  Last year, Apollo Robbins and I spent it in Vietnam, and while we had a fantastic time, I missed being home for the holidays way too much.  This year, with such a short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve gone completely bonkers over holiday decorating, and I have no shame about it, not even any shame about showing you my insanity.  Take a minute from your Christmas to enjoy warm wishes we’re sending from our holiday home to yours!

Holiday Decor 2013-2

Holiday Decor 2013-4

Holiday Decor 2013-9

Holiday Decor 2013-3

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Happy Holidays from A & A

A&A Holiday Card 2013

I have always loved sending out holiday cards.  They are, to me, a thoughtful dedication of time to reflect on the year passed, as well as a meaningful time to reach out to friends and family who have been supporting us all year.

A&A Holiday Card 2013-4

This year has been a very fortunate and eventful year for us and we’re so incredibly grateful to have embarked on the adventures that 2013 has sent our way.  I wanted to choose a card that could capture what we’ve been doing.  This card from Minted, designed like a library card, was perfect for us librophiles.  It also brought back warm memories of all the books-loving-design of our wedding.

A&A Holiday Card 2013-7

A&A Holiday Card 2013-3

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Office Decor

My Home Office

Office Decor-11

I spend most of the time in my home office so it was very important that the space reflects me: classic modern with a touch of feminine glam and lots of vintage details.  The room had good bones with the crown and half moldings, I added the dark wood floors for warmth but a light mint coat of paint for cheerfulness.

Office Decor-7

I’m a big believer of mix-and-chic so my shopping comes from all over: Ikea, Overstock, Anthropologie, independent boutiques as well as my travels.  I’m obsessed with design so the decorating is never really finished, but it probably took about 4 months to complete the basic look.   However, my joy comes from the perpetual evolution of the space so I freely allow myself to change/add items as fits my mood.

Office Decor-20

All my magic curiosities are grateful to be stored inside these fun boxes from Ikea: affordable and functional

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Laperouse Resto - Parisian Indulgence

An anniversary dinner at Laperouse


There’s no use in hiding that I’m a food-lover almost above all else.  Childhood etiquette school & ballet training, the pressure to be thin as an entertainer, and the Asian predisposition to lactose-intolerance cannot keep me from my desire for French food.

Laperouse Restaurant - Paris

The Mr. understood this most of all.  And even though he is not mad for the rich French cooking (the Vietnamese-in-a-past-life will choose Phở over foie gras any day), he was sweet to indulge me to a seven course Parisian meal on our two-year-wedding-anniversary.


Perfectly situated on the left bank facing the Seine, with an elegant table for two looking out of the most romantic royal blue window, white table cloths, mirror walls, gold moldings, amber-lit lamps and red velvet chaises posture Laperouse properly to its famous reputation.


I am not always a complicated diner (a long-time food truck and street food fan) but we were in Paris and a girl could revel in the glamour of polished silver and shiny glassware.

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