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Shawn & JaeEun – A Los Angeles Engagement

A couple of months ago, my younger middle brother Shawn (I called him Hoàng Chương) had planned an elaborate proposal for his then girlfriend JaeEun.  He had been going back in time and arranging to have their ten first dates backwards, where he would propose on their first date.  This kind of elaborate planning is signature for the kind of thoughtful and detail-oriented man that my brother is, always wanting to deliver his best for the people he loves.  And one thing is for sure, he loves JaeEun.  A lovely and soft-spoken girl (who we already saw as part of the family), she made him the happiest guy by saying yes.

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-2

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-3

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-42

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-5

So fast forward a few months, and we planned a family outing to do a photo and video shoot for them.  My youngest brother Travis (I called him Hoàng Thắng), the owner and principal at 8 Kinds of Smiles wedding films, and his girlfriend Anna, me and Apollo, all went to UCLA & Santa Monica and we had a blast hanging out and shooting.  Shawn & JaeEun started out a little shy in front of the camera, but by Apollo’s directorship and Anna’s encouragement, in no time they were naturals, and gave me and Travis some great shots to work with.

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-12

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-44

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-10

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-11

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-13

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-15

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-19

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-20

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-22

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-23

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-26

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-27

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-28

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-30

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-31

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-32

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-33

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-34

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-36

Shawn & Jae Eun Picks-35

We are so looking forward to their wedding and officially welcoming Jae into our family.  Here’s the awesome trailer that Travis shot for them (with some really cool drone shots).