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{travel diary} chiang mai. chapter 1

Thailand 2015-66

If it seems that I’ve stopped blogging for almost a year, you’re right, I have.  Other projects have gotten in the way of style and travel blogging, projects that involve my main occupation, which is being a mentalist and business owner.  And I’ve gotten out of visual diary journaling for a bit of time.  But since we just went to a land that changed me for the better, I thought I would share some photos of Chiang Mai, Thailand here with you.

Thailand 2015-4

Thailand 2015-68

Thailand 2015-9

Thailand 2015-3

Chiang Mai is in northern Thailand, a walkable town filled with beautiful temples and tasty northern food.  Being that we visited Chiang Mai right before the monsoon season, the heat was incredibly sweltering, but it did little to keep us from exploring and falling in love with the charming town and friendly people.

Thailand 2015-8

Thailand 2015-18

Thailand 2015-25

Thailand 2015-10

Thailand 2015-24

Thailand 2015-19

Thailand 2015-16

Thailand 2015-27

Thailand 2015-21

Thailand 2015-64

To fight the heat, I wore a flowy midi skirt by American Apparel and colorful crop top by Sugar Cloth.  I brought along with me a scarf to cover for the temples.

Thailand 2015-23

Thailand 2015-70

Thailand 2015-67

Thailand 2015-24

Thailand 2015-12

On one evening, we took a Thai cooking class that I highly recommend.  We started with going to the locals market where our teacher told us what Thai cuisine usually uses, and how to choose the ingredients.  Then we went to an organic herb garden to select the herbs for our dishes.  The hands-on experience was at once fun and memorable.  I wish more travel was as tactile and tasty as that cooking class.

Thailand 2015-65

Thailand 2015-26

Thailand 2015-34

Thailand 2015-28

Thailand 2015-32

Thailand 2015-29

Thailand 2015-33