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Stolen Heart {Again}

Ten years later and my heart is still stolen by my Gentlemen Thief…

For our third wedding anniversary, Apollo and I decided to do an anniversary photo shoot in the city where we met and fell in love, Vegas – in all of its grandeur and oddities – to remember our first decade together – in all of its ups and downs.  It was so fun to rendezvous around our city with our two photographers Jason of Table 4 Photography and Kim Le of KLP Photography (also another couple in love), shamelessly displaying our affection from the glamorous lights of the strip to the endless colors of the desert sunset.

A and A-2

A and A-8

A and A-9

A and A-14

A and A-12

A and A-7

A and A-17

A and A-20

A and A-27

A and A-30

A and A-32

A and A-35

A and A-36

A and A-40

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A and A-43

A and A-44

A and A-45

A and A-47

A and A-48

A and A-51

A and A-52

A and A-54

I’m still hopelessly smitten and so grateful for this love… I leave you with the vows I wrote for Apollo three years ago, which still deeply ring true:

wedding vows of a june afternoon

Amidst the tangled realities that were our worlds,

Past the barb-wired fences that guarded our hearts,

Out of necessity, or probability

By fate, and choice

We began to travel our life together,

Fueled by the laughter you concocted from the tender crevices of your soul,

Fastened by the tenacity I inherited from the hardy landscape of my war-ravaged roots,

Through the rain-soaked baggage of our past,

The sinewy transience of our neighborhoods.

No one had imagined us,

Not even ourselves.

We were two people reliant on language and mind craft,

On ambition and inspiration,

We have been taught to embrace the capacities of our hands and our heads,

Of dexterity and synapses.

And I reserve ample gratitude to share with you all that.

But also, please understand,

Here, at the edge,

I will melt quietly

Away from noisy intellect and brain chatter,

When I see the pale moon rising, blooming over the sparking waves.

I’ll pursue perennial pathways,

Through the silent twilight senses,

With only this one dream:

You’ll come, too.

~from A to A.

A and A-42