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Golden State {of mind}

I spent most of my teenage life and young adulthood in the golden state, years filled with the open, sun-filled, lungs-satisfying air, highways, as well as the characteristic diversity and multi-colored personalities of California.  I moved from California when I was twenty-four, for love, work, and a heart desiring of new horizons.  But a part of my soul has always stayed with LA, and occasionally I feel a twinge of rebellion when others speak of it in disdain.  After a decade of being away, the Mister and I have decided to split our time between LA and Vegas, hoping for the perfect balance of ocean and desert.  A couple of months ago, we took a trip to California’s Central Coast, and the magnificent water unfolded my heart in humility, in tremendous gratitude for this new chapter on which we’re about to embark.  I chose two of my summer favorite pieces for the gorgeous 17-mile-drive between Monterey & Carmel, that represented the bohemian casual cool of California, this lacey Dolce Vita and my beloved Isabel Marants.

Lace and Isabel

Lace and Isabel-2

Lace and Isabel-4

Lace and Isabel-5

Lace and Isabel-3

Lace and Isabel-6