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Diner Romance

I was honored to be recently asked by VietSun magazine to help them curate their lifestyle fashion column, which previously featured I Minh Touch, Haus of Color, Lace and Locks.  It’s been a fun journey to connect with Vietnamese bloggers and help the Vietnamese diaspora to be inspired to have a better sense of style.  For the June issue, VietSun wanted me to participate, and this was one of the looks I chose.  You can see the full feature here.

As a performer, I’m very fortunate to be able to embrace fashion as a way of life.  As a writer, I love fashion because it inspires me to tell a visual tale with the routine items of everyday dressing.  The functional act of clothing oneself becomes transformed with self-expression, and stories are told without words.  Fashion is not just a manner of the clothes, but a reflection of the times in which we live and the ideas with which we’re surrounded.  This is why I have a deep affection for collecting vintage treasures on my travels.  Vintage dressing and wearing trends of past decades allow me to evoke nostalgia and sprinkle my life with a bit of fantasy.  The outfit here transports me back to the 50’s, a happy era that floated on post-war optimism and bubbled with ladylike elegance, displayed in the classic length of this midi skirt.  I paired it with sheer lace crop tops to modernize the story as well as adapt the looks to welcome warm summer nights.

Diner Romance-2

Diner Romance-3

Diner Romance-7

Diner Romance-5

Diner Romance-8

Diner Romance-4

VietSun June_Ava

| Asos skirt | Juicy Couture clutch | Urban Outfitters top | Vintage necklace | Bebe shoes |

Photos by my love Apollo