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Cherry blossoms

Has it really been almost two months since I last blogged?  I’m certain that the last eight weeks were possibly the busiest in my recent life.  The Mister and I just finished a few days of celebrating our ten year anniversary in Italy (I’m so excited to share those photos with you).  I’m back in the US and have a somewhat available morning so I’m combing through two months and eight cities worth of photos.  These were taken all the way back in April when Washington DC was still full of cherry blossoms which is actually the meaning of my Vietnamese name, Anh Đào.  I was born in November and my parents named me after the flower that promised the romance of Spring.  I love my name, although as beautiful as they are, cherry blossoms are very fragile and short-lived, and I’d like to think I’m resilient and tenacious :).

Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms-2

Spring Blooms-7

Spring Blooms-6

Spring Blooms-4

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