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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Proper Easter

Easter Romance

Hope you had a wonderful Easter.  As my traveling life would dictate in all its realistic lack of glamour, I spent mine flying east in an airplane, answering work emails and eating peanuts.  No complaints here, as I’m entirely grateful for my full life, lived to extremes of both ends.  I’m sorry for the absence of posts.  I took a couple of weeks off to focus on some personal projects (about which I can’t wait to share with you soon!) and to gain some internal focus.  Sometimes the pervasive reaches of today’s technology can start to dilute the bigger picture and we begin to take for granted the simple pleasures of life.  When confronted without the immediacy and gluttony of the internet, regular routines and emotions are stripped down to their bare and primal states, they’re allowed to occupy your whole world in all of its wonderful dimensions.  And the insignificant act of reading at a cafe becomes something to celebrate.  Especially if you’re dressed like a Mad Men character in Easter pastels.

Proper Easter-2

Proper Easter-7

Proper Easter-4

Proper Easter-3

Proper Easter-6

| Zara dress (available here) | Zara block heels (available here) | Vintage scarf | Vintage earrings (a gift from my friend Vivian Luu) |

Proper Easter-5

Spring Casuals-2

Spring Casuals

Regarding fashion lately, either life has been incredibly busy or I have been incredibly lazy.  While I imagine my ideal rites of Spring to compose of South-of-the-Border adventures and fruity cocktails, it’s been more desk chores and Starbucks-mid-day-errands.  There’s been a long languid weekend here and there with me sitting in backyards and embracing fun bright shades.  And sometimes, when the heart is inspired, I use fashion to reject work and/or weather and write my inner story anew.  But most days, I rely on a good basic like this blazer to tie my outfit together.  I probably own about 4-5 of these Zara blazers.  Inexpensive yet classic and enduring, they get a good amount of wear all year round.

Spring Casuals-4

Spring Casuals

Spring Casuals-7

Spring Casuals-3

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