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{Travel Diary} Peru. Machu Picchu Chapter

This place inspires me to think only in verses, a rare kind of dreamscape where poets are born.  A mystery crafted in the clouds by the ancient Incas and eternally anchored to Earth’s navel.

Where no ordinary social armor lives, a place where your soul looks you in the eyes,  where you let go of old loves and identifies a new one, within.

This is Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu-12

Machu Picchu-15

Machu Picchu-14

Machu Picchu-16

Machu Picchu-10

Machu Picchu-8

Machu Picchu-6

Machu Picchu-7

Machu Picchu-17

Machu Picchu-2

Machu Picchu-5

Machu Picchu-4

Machu Picchu-3

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