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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Chilled Spring Pastels-3

{chilled} spring pastels

Dear New York, I came to you with the bosomed promise of early Spring and you greeted me with 20′s degree weather and windchill factor.  Luckily I brought ultra-feminine colors to wear in anticipation of Central Park blooms.  The Mr. of course looked at me as if I was a maniac when he saw what I packed but I refused to wear black in March.  It was winter outside but I had Spring inside, and that was enough :).

Chilled Spring Pastels

Chilled Spring Pastels-6

Chilled Spring Pastels-8

Chilled Spring Pastels-2

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Bright Spring-2

Bright Spring

The consistent stay of the 70s and 80s in Vegas confirm to me that Spring has definitely arrived and it’s time for my favorite way to show skin: crop tops!  Crop tops and e. e. cummings, yes that’s right.  Since poetry and fashion travel side by side in my veins, you’ll have to endure my eccentricities concerning their strange mix.  The slight rebellion of the crop top reminds me often of cummings’s abandonment of traditional poetic approaches, embracing fun new combinations of form and punctuation.  So take an extra long lunch break today to sit in the warmth of the season with your belly in the sun while rocking off to these rhymes:

“sweet spring is your
time is my time is our
time for springtime is lovetime
and viva sweet love”

Bright Spring-3

Bright Spring

Bright Spring-5

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I’m so honored to have had my travel photos of New Orleans in VietSun magazine this month… I thought I would take this chance to post a few of my favorites.


Before I visited the Big Easy (aka NOLA), it was difficult for me to understand the spell that New Orleans casts on its visitors; it wasn’t love at first sight, the city is, indeed, complicated.  But I fell, hard, for the complex layers of soul that are so signature New Orleans.


Part of the allure, of course, is that even post Katrina, New Orleans looks like a movie set.  Colors fill the picturesque Southern porch-front houses during day and historic gas lamps light them at night.  For transients and locals both, the city still feels ripe for discovery – something that’s increasingly hard to say about most other North American cities.  With its reverence for the past and a magically diverse culture, New Orleans has the kind of resilience that holds on the hearts of visitors.  Even for natives who left after Katrina, seeking a different (possibly better) life in neighboring Texas or Georgia, many have returned because they found it impossible to feel at home away from NOLA.





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ooh la la chinois{serie}-9

ooh la la chinois{erie}

There are date nights that fall on weekends, with long days for me to relax, give myself a facial, craft an outfit and braid my hair.  There are date nights that spring up in the middle of the week from my spontaneous Mister and our unpredictable schedule, with meetings that unexpectedly finish early and a couple of hours to spare.  On those nights I’m thankful to have a silk dress with a gorgeous chinoiserie print like this Zara.  With romance already built in, I just need to wrap it all up with a few whimsical accessories and … “ooh la la” :).

ooh la la chinois{serie}-6

ooh la la chinois{serie}-4

ooh la la chinois{serie}-3

ooh la la chinois{serie}-8

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{Colorblock} Business-5

{colorblock} business

Happy Hump Day!  I feel sad to have been absent from posting so much, but there has been a lot of work to be done, and this season’s allergies have been driving me insane, I wake up daily with a cloudy head and stuffy nose.  So I’m just waiting for Spring’s tempestuous youth to pass and blossom into full-grown flowers and strong immune system :).  I wore this outfit a couple of weeks back for a conference in Palm Springs.  The textures are very soft and comfortable but the shapes quite structured and suitable for business.  I wrapped it all up with a playful bow belt I got years ago from H&M, refusing to let fun out of the board room.

{Colorblock} Business

{Colorblock} Business-4

{Colorblock} Business-6

{Colorblock} Business-3

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