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A Vintage Dressing Room

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The life of a performer is rather unpredictable, especially when it comes to dressing rooms.  When luck is on your side, you end up getting dressed in beautiful spaces that are well-lit and ample with privacy.  But when the muse wants to test your commitment to your art, she puts you in a locker room, closet, or sometimes, your car.

The 1896-2

When dressing rooms are gorgeous, they are the essential components to my inspiration.  There is a romance about it that sprinkles fairy dust over the mundane process of getting dressed.  Last year, when we were in New York to film Brain Games, we were lucky to travel to Brooklyn and film at The 1896, which housed a stunning dressing room, abundant in spectacular natural light and filled to the brim with a collection of antiques.  I took some photos while we were waiting around for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!The 1896-4

The 1896-3

The 1896-5

The 1896-6

The 1896-7

The 1896