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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Waiting for Pink-3

Waiting for Pink

I have been waiting for Valentine’s day this year a lot more than I usually do.  Apollo Robbins always has a sneaky surprise up his sleeve that’s a departure from the commercial hoopla that has become the definition of V-day.  Unfortunately we will have to work this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t prevent me from wearing Valentine’s colors all month long.

Waiting for Pink-2

These photos were also taken by my stepson, Mikel, who’s also as patient with my photo directives as his father :).  I thought he did quite a nice job, don’t you think?

Waiting for Pink-11

These Sergio Rossi heels were a recent score of mine from the after-Christmas sale at Neiman, aren’t they very darling?  I’m so in love with them.

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{Travel Diary} Peru, Lima Chapter.

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As most of you may know, one of my dreams came true a couple of months ago when Apollo Robbins and I traveled to Peru.  We took a week (too short) to make our way through Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu.  It truly is one of the most transformative countries I’ve ever been, a trip that shifted the emotional furniture of my life and continues to reward me with fresh new perspectives almost daily.  Our journey began in Lima, where we got to enjoy stunning architecture and lush gardens at St. Rose of Lima monastery, ate palate-changing ceviche over-looking the Gold Coast at La Rosa Nautica Restaurant, and ended our day with the most unique sunset gazing out at the famous Lovers statue.


I wanted to also thank Style Me Pretty Living for featuring my trip to Peru on their gorgeous blog.  You can see highlights from the journey here, and I’ll also be posting more chapters (Cusco and Machu Picchu) in the upcoming days so stay tuned!


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The 1896-8

A Vintage Dressing Room

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The life of a performer is rather unpredictable, especially when it comes to dressing rooms.  When luck is on your side, you end up getting dressed in beautiful spaces that are well-lit and ample with privacy.  But when the muse wants to test your commitment to your art, she puts you in a locker room, closet, or sometimes, your car.

The 1896-2

When dressing rooms are gorgeous, they are the essential components to my inspiration.  There is a romance about it that sprinkles fairy dust over the mundane process of getting dressed.  Last year, when we were in New York to film Brain Games, we were lucky to travel to Brooklyn and film at The 1896, which housed a stunning dressing room, abundant in spectacular natural light and filled to the brim with a collection of antiques.  I took some photos while we were waiting around for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!The 1896-4

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Stripes and Colorblock-6

Mixing Lines – Colorblock & Stripes

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I’m proud to say that for a little immigrant girl of color, I’ve never been happy to follow the rules.  When I was seven and should have been in the princess phase, I was unhappy with most of the princess stories that existed at the time.  So I decided to write my own story, full of heroines that fought battles and resolved conflicts, and asked all my girlfriends to play the roles.  Yes, a fairy tale with yellow women playing every part (not just the preferred dragon lady) – Hollywood would be so upset!

And thus it has been the same rebellion I carry over to fashion: I mix prints and lines, feminine and masculine, among the rules-breaking gamut.  This outfit is a little example of this: the feminine pencil skirt paired with the banker blue-stripes shirt, and stripes mixed with colorblock.  Maybe it makes no sense to most people, but in my world where girls make the rules: it does!

Stripes and Colorblock-3

Stripes and Colorblock-2

Stripes and Colorblock-10

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Black and Blue-6

Black and Blue {and a bit of Green}

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There are days when I have leisure time to wake up at my natural circadian rhythm, do morning yoga, cook breakfast at home, and craft an outfit.  And there are days when I resent the sound of my alarm clock, rush out of bed into a quick run and an even quicker shower, jump into the first outfit that makes sense.  In the latter scenario, this business-ready comfortable Zara dress is what I jump into.  It’s New York dressing with a pop of color – in other words, a pared-down minimalism that characterizes most of my January.

Black and Blue

During busy days in easy outfits, I like to wear at least one item that was given to me from a dear friend, a sentimental reminder to stop and count my fortunes in life, which include having the most caring friends who constantly support me in all of my endeavors.  This belt comes from Elle, the stylish mom of my little Ada (you may remember her gorgeous portraits here).  It’s both adorable and comfortable and a symbol of the tremendous affection I receive in my life.

Black and Blue-2

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