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Day in the Snow

Day in the Snow-3

I grew up in the tropics and never had the opportunities to enjoy the childhood fun of snow days.  While we were in New York this past weekend to finish the last scenes for Focus, a movie starring Will Smith that Apollo Robbins and I have been working on, we were lucky enough to get snowfall right before shoot days.

Day in the Snow-9

Not knowing how to really dress for the snow, I use the sophisticated approach of grabbing all soft and cozy clothing pieces I had and wearing them all, at once!  The result became a super girly result, bow beret and flouncy skirt stealing the scene, but I had so much doing it and fun is the the priority here, at least in my definition of snow.

Day in the Snow-5

Day in the Snow-6

Day in the Snow-7

| Vintage beret | Zara coat | Zara skirt | J Crew turtleneck | J Crew tech leather gloves | Zara scarf | Burberry boots | Rebecca Minkoff camera bag |

Day in the Snow-2