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Around our holiday home…

Holiday Decor 2013

I’ve confessed my Christmas addiction to you before and I’m ready to do it again.  I’m unabashedly obsessed with the holidays.  Last year, Apollo Robbins and I spent it in Vietnam, and while we had a fantastic time, I missed being home for the holidays way too much.  This year, with such a short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve gone completely bonkers over holiday decorating, and I have no shame about it, not even any shame about showing you my insanity.  Take a minute from your Christmas to enjoy warm wishes we’re sending from our holiday home to yours!

Holiday Decor 2013-2

Holiday Decor 2013-4

Holiday Decor 2013-9

Holiday Decor 2013-3

Holiday Decor 2013-5

Holiday Decor 2013-17

Holiday Decor 2013-10

Holiday Decor 2013-12

Holiday Decor 2013-7

Holiday Decor 2013-18

Holiday Decor 2013-16

Holiday Decor 2013-13

Holiday Decor 2013-15