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{a few of} my favorite things…

A few of my favorite things

4 days until Christmas: too much excitement for this little shameless Christmasaholic.  In fact, a couple of my close girlfriends have remarked that my Christmas addiction has gotten even worse this year, since there were even less days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I started to blast Christmas music even before Thanksgiving, and maybe (silent gasp) until long after New Years.  And since posting {a few of my favorite things} is the most joyful thing for me to do this season, you may even get two of these posts, no, totally kidding (or not)!.

A few of my favorite things-2

This little red pouch was among a gift package I was putting together for a friend, but I loved it so much, I bought one for myself, yikes, I’m definitely going on the naughty list for that one.

A few of my favorite things-12

The high-pigment brights of these little Marc Jacobs glossies keep the winter drab away, and they’re in unexpected shades if you have been abusing classic red like since long before holiday season began.

A few of my favorite things-11

A few of my favorite things-10

This book of vintage cocktail recipes was a gift from my friend Elliot, and the illustration is so cute, I must admit, I read it much more than make the actual cocktails.

A few of my favorite things-5

This adorable camera card came for my birthday from Chatnoir, and it was too pretty to only be read and put away, so I cased it inside this silver birdcage I already have in my office.

A few of my favorite things-4

This YSL classic tassel bag has been best friend to my hands lately, having had it for almost a whole month, I’m still completely infatuated.  Swoon!

A few of my favorite things-8

Doesn’t every holiday season need a fairy-tale-worthy shoe?  Well, I have my patent red Nicholas Kirkwood platform Mary-Janes!

A few of my favorite things-7

My friend Elle gave me this gorgeous necklace, made by a local SF designer in her neighborhood, I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, the best romances are often unconsummated.

A few of my favorite things-3

If I could just have one accessory to wear this New Year’s Eve, it may be Tom Ford’s Plum Japonais.  Yes, just this and nothing else.

A few of my favorite things-9

This plate belongs to a collection of heirloom plates I’ve been babysitting for my friend Laurie.  She’s been working in Africa and I’m looking at these to alleviate my longing for our long soul talks.

A few of my favorite things-6

This map could be the best idea of a gift ever!  My friend Ivy had it made for us to remind us of where we’ve been and keep our eyes keen on where we want to go… literally and metaphorically!

{a few of my favorite things} has been sponsored by the love and friendship of my dear babes (all opinions are my own).

What are a few of your favorite things?

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