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Thomas Keller’s Bouchon – A French Oasis in Sin City


I moved to Sin City in 2004, which means the city had been running on a corporate operation for at least 30 years.  Gone are the days of the Mob-run Vegas, for better or worse.  I’m not an anti-corporate gal.  I’ve worked for a variety of them, anything from the start-up to the gigantic.  And every size has its advantages and disadvantages.


Star-chef restaurants in Vegas, like everything else, are corporate ventures; which means most of them are run very smoothly but at the same time impersonally.  While there are plenty of French restaurants, there are few that really have the ability to transport you to France.



Thomas Keller’s Bouchon stands out from the beginning, when you have to take a separate elevator to go to the Venetian tower instead of the casino to get there.  The restaurant has the atmosphere of an extended elegant bistro.  When you’re there for lunch, the space is filled with gorgeous morning light.


Everything about the food is superb, from the homemade bacon butter to the freshly baked baguette.  As far as entrees, bring a loved one because you’ll want to try both the moules frites and the chicken waffles.