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Diaz Family-81

In my short photographer’s life, I’ve quickly discovered that photo shoots can be tiring – all that gear on your shoulder & getting up and down.  Thus, having super-fun and relentlessly goofy models is a blessing, and that’s exactly why I thoroughly enjoyed spending my Saturday afternoon with Mike, Jamie, and Meila so much a few weeks ago.

Diaz Family-4

Diaz Family-8

Diaz Family-10

This family knows how to let their hair down and twirl their tutus around like nobody’s business.  Chasing them around gorgeous Springs Preserve, I was only bummed that I couldn’t be in front of the camera as well.  They make getting tickled seem like the most enjoyable thing ever, and that in my book, has got to be what family means.

Diaz Family-14

Diaz Family-15

Diaz Family-17

Diaz Family-21

Diaz Family-28

Diaz Family-35

Diaz Family-38

Diaz Family-43

Diaz Family-48

Diaz Family-52

Diaz Family-61

Diaz Family-65

Diaz Family-73

Diaz Family-74

Diaz Family-85

Diaz Family-89

Diaz Family-93

Diaz Family-9