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My Home Office

Office Decor-11

I spend most of the time in my home office so it was very important that the space reflects me: classic modern with a touch of feminine glam and lots of vintage details.  The room had good bones with the crown and half moldings, I added the dark wood floors for warmth but a light mint coat of paint for cheerfulness.

Office Decor-7

I’m a big believer of mix-and-chic so my shopping comes from all over: Ikea, Overstock, Anthropologie, independent boutiques as well as my travels.  I’m obsessed with design so the decorating is never really finished, but it probably took about 4 months to complete the basic look.   However, my joy comes from the perpetual evolution of the space so I freely allow myself to change/add items as fits my mood.

Office Decor-20

All my magic curiosities are grateful to be stored inside these fun boxes from Ikea: affordable and functional

Office Decor-15

The golden rule of any space: bring life in… adopt a plant!

Office Decor-26

Our wedding photos printed on wood (a gift from my best friend Ivy) fill out this wall with wonderful memories

Office Decor-18

This camera bag was a gift from my brothers, it serves as a creative and pretty storage space for my photography tools even when I’m not on a shoot

Office Decor-22

Don’t relegate candles to only bedrooms and bathrooms as they do wonders inside the office

Office Decor-3

Add soft texture such as these Dupioni silk curtains to de-stress the tension of a work space

Office Decor-6

Display your favorite items (even if they don’t fit an office environment) to inject fun into the work day

Office Decor-23

Employ the mix-and-chic attitude: the modern rhinoceros (Target) next to the vintage elephant (flea market)

Office Decor-10

Add your own history: this pillow from Paris gives me delightful daydreams of my trip to the city of romance if I need inspiration

Office Decor-24

Our friends Jasmine and Ben were thoughtful enough to frame some of our wedding stationary for us, they keep beautiful memories in my work space.  The letter blocks were bought from the Portobello Street Market, collectibles from one of London’s oldest printing press.

Office Decor-13

Use color when buying organizational tools (these are from The Container Store): it will cheer you up

Office Decor-28

I was so honored to be asked by Viet Sun to have my office featured in their Design Issue, here are the tear sheets:

Home Office3

Home Office1

Home Office2