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Jamie & Mike: Love in the Desert

Jamie and Mike

WARNING: serious heat ahead!

Jamie and Mike-3

Before I give you the hotness in the photographs to follow, allow me to play the realist for a minute and say that, marriages, real marriages, carry much more struggles and inconvenience than the beautiful wedding photographs that hang in their homes.  There is a myriad of complexities impossible to predict when two lives are joined and an eternal commitment is made.  Daily life, in all of its unglamorous responsibilities and tethered entanglements, can manage to wilt even the most blossoming of courtships.


Having said that, I have complete and absolute admiration for the couple in the photographs today in their ability to inject the most joy and romance into their ten-year relationship.  It is utterly amazing the passion that still emanates from their marriage.  They raise a beautiful daughter together and they play together.  It’s impossible to not crack laughs when you’re hanging with them, they’re constantly mentally tickling each other and that kind of joy is wonderfully contagious.


Jamie and Mike-10

We have been lucky to have this gorgeous couple be our friends for the last eight years and my camera was recently very lucky to have them show what long-lasting passion and intimacy looks like.  They are so natural in front of the lens and my camera could barely handle the heat this couple dealt that steamy desert afternoon.

Jamie and Mike-2

Jamie and Mike

Here’s a champagne toast to my good-looking friends and you can bet you’ll see more of them and their enviable happiness on the blog!  Jamie and Mike, will you tell us some of your marriage secrets?

Jamie and Mike-14

Jamie and Mike-41

Jamie and Mike-36

Jamie and Mike-87

Jamie and Mike-82

Jamie and Mike-69

Jamie and Mike-51

Jamie and Mike-106

Jamie and Mike-119