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Denim & Menswear

Denim & Menswear-6

One of the joys of turning older is discovering the flaws of youth’s bold assertions.  A lot of my early 20’s were spent declaring myself and claiming my identity, who I am and who I’m not, what I do and what I don’t do.  As I travel into my thirties, humility finds me in all of life’s quiet confrontations and I find myself embracing all my mistakes, allowing myself to welcome vulnerability and change.  The certainty of “what I wear and what I don’t wear” pales in comparison to the sheer joy and utter brilliance of flexibility and play.

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I used to swear off the idea of denim on denim, having been exposed to too much of the 80’s stonewash and cut-offs.  But as part of my welcoming change, I took a second look at the new denim on denim look.  Updated, sophisticated, and modern, it serves as a fitting foundation for a menswear reinterpretation.  I used the soft tuxedo jacket to give it a stronger presence at the office and business meetings.  The outfit ended up being so comfortable and versatile, it convinced me to take more second looks at others of my former oppositions.

Denim & Menswear-3

Denim & Menswear

| J Crew denim shirt | 7 jeans | Parker jacket | DKNY purse | Christian Louboutin heels | Juicy Couture watch | Engagement ring from Apollo Robbins |

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How about you?  Is there any trend you previously opposed that may be worth a reconsideration?