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Brights of Autumn

Fall Brights-4

No matter how free-spirited and fearless I tend to feel during the fevered heat of summer, the sobering cool weather of autumn always brings a bit of emotional reigns.  When sets of responsibilities return, rules and regulations seep their way back into my routine, and most of the time, my wardrobe.

Fall Brights-2

This year, when fall arrived and the day grew shorter, when sunlight lost its luster and the clouds threatened my inner brights, I think of that Tagore quote, ““Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

Fall Brights-3

I consciously made a point to refuse fall’s rigid structure and faded daylight to quietly overtake my life, so I can continue to embrace the flexibility and play of summer all throughout the year.  A perpetual bright-colors-lover, I wanted to introduce audacious bolds into my fall closet, starting with royal blue and golden mustard.  It didn’t hurt that this gorgeous Phillip Lim for Target found me on a Sunday morning grocery mission for eggs.

Fall Brights

| J Crew blouse | Phillip Lim for Target skirt | Zara heels | Celine bag | Jewelmint bracelet |

Fall Brights-5