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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Fall Neutrals - Zara kimono, Madewell tank, J Crew pants, Miu Miu heels, Jewelmint necklace, Diane von Furstenberg purse

Neutrals of Autumn

Fall Neutrals-4

Lately, I have been pursuing a self-improve kick, ingesting knowledge as rapidly as my thirty-something-year-old brain allows.  My travel schedule with Apollo Robbins has been quite intense, and whenever I’m not on the road, I’m looking for new ways to improve my photography and shooting as much as I can (these two photo shoots, here and here, were both challenging and fun).

Fall Neutrals-7

With such a hectic schedule, I need fashion to not only serve me as a form of artistic expression, but also an instrument of collaborative function.  This silhouette of kimono wrap & silk pants is among my top favorites of working clothes (here’s my other go-to of this silhouette).

Fall Neutrals-9

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Fall Brights - J Crew blouse, Phillip Lim for Target skirt, Zara heels, Celine bag, Jewelmint bracelet

Brights of Autumn

Fall Brights-4

No matter how free-spirited and fearless I tend to feel during the fevered heat of summer, the sobering cool weather of autumn always brings a bit of emotional reigns.  When sets of responsibilities return, rules and regulations seep their way back into my routine, and most of the time, my wardrobe.

Fall Brights-2

This year, when fall arrived and the day grew shorter, when sunlight lost its luster and the clouds threatened my inner brights, I think of that Tagore quote, ““Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

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Christian Louboutin heels, DKNY purse, J Crew denim shirt, 7 jeans, Parker jacket, Juicy Couture watch

Denim & Menswear

Denim & Menswear-6

One of the joys of turning older is discovering the flaws of youth’s bold assertions.  A lot of my early 20′s were spent declaring myself and claiming my identity, who I am and who I’m not, what I do and what I don’t do.  As I travel into my thirties, humility finds me in all of life’s quiet confrontations and I find myself embracing all my mistakes, allowing myself to welcome vulnerability and change.  The certainty of “what I wear and what I don’t wear” pales in comparison to the sheer joy and utter brilliance of flexibility and play.

Denim & Menswear-4

I used to swear off the idea of denim on denim, having been exposed to too much of the 80′s stonewash and cut-offs.  But as part of my welcoming change, I took a second look at the new denim on denim look.  Updated, sophisticated, and modern, it serves as a fitting foundation for a menswear reinterpretation.  I used the soft tuxedo jacket to give it a stronger presence at the office and business meetings.  The outfit ended up being so comfortable and versatile, it convinced me to take more second looks at others of my former oppositions.

Denim & Menswear-3

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Jamie and Mike - Desert Outdoor Couple Boudoir

Jamie & Mike: Love in the Desert

Jamie and Mike

WARNING: serious heat ahead!

Jamie and Mike-3

Before I give you the hotness in the photographs to follow, allow me to play the realist for a minute and say that, marriages, real marriages, carry much more struggles and inconvenience than the beautiful wedding photographs that hang in their homes.  There is a myriad of complexities impossible to predict when two lives are joined and an eternal commitment is made.  Daily life, in all of its unglamorous responsibilities and tethered entanglements, can manage to wilt even the most blossoming of courtships.


Having said that, I have complete and absolute admiration for the couple in the photographs today in their ability to inject the most joy and romance into their ten-year relationship.  It is utterly amazing the passion that still emanates from their marriage.  They raise a beautiful daughter together and they play together.  It’s impossible to not crack laughs when you’re hanging with them, they’re constantly mentally tickling each other and that kind of joy is wonderfully contagious.


Jamie and Mike-10

We have been lucky to have this gorgeous couple be our friends for the last eight years and my camera was recently very lucky to have them show what long-lasting passion and intimacy looks like.  They are so natural in front of the lens and my camera could barely handle the heat this couple dealt that steamy desert afternoon.

Jamie and Mike-2

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Ava Anhdao Do, Zara yellow heels, American Apparel skirt, Breton Stripes J Crew tee, Madewell floral bag

Breton Stripes and Classic Wheels

Breton Stripes

Even though the objective of a fashion post is the styling of the clothes, but I have always been more inspired to have a unique background with which to pose.

Breton Stripes-3

While we were staying at the Windsor Court Hotel in NOLA a couple of weeks ago, this beautiful creature was parked in the hotel courtyard for a couple of days and I could not resist putting together an outfit with some classic elements to pose in front of the classic beauty.

Breton Stripes-5

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