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Silk and Leather

Silk and Leather-5

I have been pursuing yoga for about two years, and although my travels keep me from practicing as often as I can, I really try to get myself on the mat as much as possible.  There are many admirable and wise tenets and aspects to yoga, but my favorite has to be the balance, not only the balance it brings to my life, but also the principle of balance in each and every yoga teaching, whether physical or spiritual: the push and pull, the strengthening and lengthening, the exploration and reflection.

Silk and Leather-6

This kind of balance is what I like to embrace in fashion as well.  I love a measured and thoughtful combination of soft and hard, of masculine and feminine, and elegant and rebellious.  And the two textures that primarily represent that balance to me are silk and leather.  I particularly love to pack them for the road.  The silk is luxury and comfort, and the leather is endurance and structure.

Silk and Leather-9

Silk and Leather-7

| Uniglo skirt (similar here) | Zara blouse (love this short-sleeved one here) | Victoria’s Secret lace bra | Chanel espadrilles | vintage leather jacket | Zara clutch | Banana Republic necklace |

Silk and Leather