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Monthly Archives: September 2013


{Travel Diary} Paris. Chapter 4


I’m a little bit sad to be posting the last chapter of this Paris installation, but excited to let you know that we will be back in that magical city next year.  So not to worry, more than likely, you’ll get to enjoy Parisian gorgeousness annually.


I have saved most of the photos in this last chapter to be the captures of Paris’s most ordinary moments, the ones unrelated to famous landmarks or popular cultural and culinary reputations.


I felt most of these photos in this last chapter are snapshots of Paris’s beauty that happens when you’re not looking, through gorgeous store windows, on well-crafted restaurant signs, and in the wardrobe details of its ever-fashionable denizens.


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Chanel espadrilles, Zara blouse, Uniqlo skirt, Victoria's Secret lace blouse, vintage leather jacket, Zara clutch

Silk and Leather

Silk and Leather-5

I have been pursuing yoga for about two years, and although my travels keep me from practicing as often as I can, I really try to get myself on the mat as much as possible.  There are many admirable and wise tenets and aspects to yoga, but my favorite has to be the balance, not only the balance it brings to my life, but also the principle of balance in each and every yoga teaching, whether physical or spiritual: the push and pull, the strengthening and lengthening, the exploration and reflection.

Silk and Leather-6

This kind of balance is what I like to embrace in fashion as well.  I love a measured and thoughtful combination of soft and hard, of masculine and feminine, and elegant and rebellious.  And the two textures that primarily represent that balance to me are silk and leather.  I particularly love to pack them for the road.  The silk is luxury and comfort, and the leather is endurance and structure.

Silk and Leather-9

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Paris photography: peonies

{Travel Diary} Paris. Chapter 3.


If there was one metaphorical language that Paris speaks, it would be romance.  And the vocabularies to make up this language would consist mainly of these two words: food and flowers.


Wandering the streets of Paris, you cannot escape the sensual journey that blooms in petals and paints the palette with macarons, baguettes, cheeses, and of course, chocolat.


I hope these happy colors fill your week with joy, a bit of daydream into my Parisian days of romance.


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Tour Eiffel


Most often, travel is the best way to teach you to dress efficiently.  Sometimes, travel to Paris is the best way to teach you to dress efficiently and elegantly.  The all-day-long sightseeing with no time to change before dinner has formed a habit for me to look for outfits that can go from day to night with a simple pair of heels.


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Laperouse Resto - Parisian Indulgence

An anniversary dinner at Laperouse


There’s no use in hiding that I’m a food-lover almost above all else.  Childhood etiquette school & ballet training, the pressure to be thin as an entertainer, and the Asian predisposition to lactose-intolerance cannot keep me from my desire for French food.

Laperouse Restaurant - Paris

The Mr. understood this most of all.  And even though he is not mad for the rich French cooking (the Vietnamese-in-a-past-life will choose Phở over foie gras any day), he was sweet to indulge me to a seven course Parisian meal on our two-year-wedding-anniversary.


Perfectly situated on the left bank facing the Seine, with an elegant table for two looking out of the most romantic royal blue window, white table cloths, mirror walls, gold moldings, amber-lit lamps and red velvet chaises posture Laperouse properly to its famous reputation.


I am not always a complicated diner (a long-time food truck and street food fan) but we were in Paris and a girl could revel in the glamour of polished silver and shiny glassware.

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