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{Scottish Tweed} at Walker Slater

Walker Slater-15

I didn’t come to Edinburgh to shop, I mean, I love the layered richness and history behind the Scottish tartans and the top level quality in Scottish tweed, but I live in Las Vegas, we get weather capable of tweed maybe 4 weeks out of the year.  As comforting as tweed sounds, it just didn’t seem all that, realistic for my desert habitat.

Walker Slater

Apollo Robbins works on the East Coast a lot, particularly doing television, particularly in cold warehouses/studios or the unforgiving winter streets of New York, so he wanted a tweed jacket and maybe a tweed vest.  So upon the recommendation of our handsome friend Colin McLeod, a dandy Scot whose exquisite taste we trust, we found ourselves happily stumbling into the charming store of Walker Slater.

Walker Slater-26

What a delightful store it is, with nooks and crannies filled with vintage decor that evokes a kind of fantastical world I just don’t get to be around very often.  Warm pine wood that whispers, imposing stone that protects, and the kind of aged leather in which you find yourself getting lost with your favorite book.

Walker Slater-27

Walker Slater-18

On top of that, the clothing selection is superb.  A well-balanced mix of classic and modern, good old fashion care in details with a hip new interpretation.  The Mr. came away with “just a few” items he couldn’t live without, among which are two beautiful scarves I may have to steal this coming fall.  I gave in too, buying a tweed jacket in a gorgeous forest green and daring cropped silhouette.

Walker Slater-28

I would definitely recommend stopping by Walker Slater if you find yourself in Edinburgh, your design-loving self and fashion-craving closet will thank ya later.

Walker Slater-20

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