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Royal blue - American Apparel midi skirt, Forever 21 sweater, Zara scarf, Joie flats, Zara shoes, BCBg bracelet

royal blue

Royal blue

Edinburgh is probably most famous for its legendary castle, theatrically sitting atop a hill right in the center of the city.  I’ve visited a few castles, but I was really fond of this one.  It’s not the most opulent nor the most historic, but maybe it was something about the way the dark stones stand in pride in the passing clouds, bearing witness to the rich history that this charming land has seen.

Royal blue-10

We wandered on the winding paths and got lost in the secret passages for hours. Apollo Robbins was consumed by the interesting exhibits on display at the war museum and I was consumed by the spectacular views of Edinburgh from atop that hill.

Royal blue-12

| American Apparel skirt (similar cut with a lovely fall pattern here) | Joie flats (also craving this version here) | Forever 21 cropped sweater (loving this relax version here) | Zara scarf & purse | BCBG bracelet |

Royal blue-8

Royal blue-6

Royal blue-11

Royal blue-13

Royal blue-9

  • Irene Vu

    Royal blue and yellow should be your favorite colors; they are complimenting your skin tone very well. Actually, you do look good in all bright colors.
    Now I will add Edinburgh on my wish list of traveling. You just showed a destination that I haven’t learned about it before. Love it!

    • Ava Anhdao

      Thanks Irene, luckily I love bright colors :). Yes, Edinburgh is unexpected pure joy, you’ll love it.