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by the lake


Over the past few months, Apollo Robbins and I had the unexpected adventure of visiting McCall Idaho, a gorgeous lake town three hours north of Boise.  It’s unabashedly in the middle of nowhere and has the kind of staggering beauty that deserves every second of that long journey.  Childhood friends and even the Mr. will tell you that I have not always been a nature girl, any town where restaurants close at 9 still fill me with a tiny bit of fear.


However, lately, caught in the frenzy of our life, blessedly busy but tiresome at times, I long for moments where time lingers at the beat of the waves at the shore of the lake, where there is no anticipation of texts or emails, where I get lost in counting the tall pines on the other side of water, wondering of the wildlife that hides beneath, and the possible mysteries of that Earth.


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