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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Walker Slater - Edinburgh, Scotland Travel, Scottish Tweed

{Scottish Tweed} at Walker Slater

Walker Slater-15

I didn’t come to Edinburgh to shop, I mean, I love the layered richness and history behind the Scottish tartans and the top level quality in Scottish tweed, but I live in Las Vegas, we get weather capable of tweed maybe 4 weeks out of the year.  As comforting as tweed sounds, it just didn’t seem all that, realistic for my desert habitat.

Walker Slater

Apollo Robbins works on the East Coast a lot, particularly doing television, particularly in cold warehouses/studios or the unforgiving winter streets of New York, so he wanted a tweed jacket and maybe a tweed vest.  So upon the recommendation of our handsome friend Colin McLeod, a dandy Scot whose exquisite taste we trust, we found ourselves happily stumbling into the charming store of Walker Slater.

Walker Slater-26

What a delightful store it is, with nooks and crannies filled with vintage decor that evokes a kind of fantastical world I just don’t get to be around very often.  Warm pine wood that whispers, imposing stone that protects, and the kind of aged leather in which you find yourself getting lost with your favorite book.

Walker Slater-27

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| Robert Rodriguez lace jacket (similar here) | Madewell tank (more colors here) | Top Shop cropped jeans | Bebe shoes | Vintage cigar box purse | Banana Republic necklace |

summer lace

Summer Lace-2

Having been a Southern Californian, I’ve gotten used to a preference of light jackets after sundown.  Despite how warm California summer days can get, night time always brings a bit of breeze that are nicely comforted with summer jackets.

Summer Lace-3

On the other hand, Vegas is a completely different animal.  There is no jacket, how many how light, that a Vegas summer can tolerate.  At least that’s what I thought until I met this beautifully delicate Robert Rodriguez lace jacket.  It goes with anything from soft barely-there tanks to torn-up denim.  Not to mention, it’s the perfect date accessory.  Part-innocent, part-flirtatious, part-come-hither, this jacket injects a lot of fun into any summer fling, even if that summer fling is with your lover of nine plus years.  I’m pretty sure Apollo Robbins would agree :).

Summer Lace-8

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{travel diary} Edinburgh. Part 3.


The last batch of Edinburgh goodness, I hope the next time we see this beautiful city again, it will be for their summer festival.  Here’s to all my travel dreams come true.


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Greens and Denim - Uniqlo denim dress, H&M belt, Madewell booties, Arden B leather jacket, Madewell scarf

Green and denim

Greens and Denim-7

Edinburgh’s beauty is not without cost, the weather was less than summer when we were there in June.  Luckily, I came prepared with hardy leather and spring scarves to battle the cold.  Being that it was June, I refused to let go of my dresses, however, I just chose a long shirt dress in warm denim over comfortable ankle boots for the city trekking.

Greens and Denim-9

I’ve long been in love with the collection of cities-inspired scarves that Madewell had, I already wore the New York (here) and Paris (here) to other destinations, and felt completely cheesy but giddy to wear the UK one in Scotland.  It felt a little bit like taking your Beauty and the Beast lunchbox to meet Belle at Disneyland, but sometimes, you just have to have some fun with fashion.

Greens and Denim-4

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