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Friends in Love: Tee & Han


One sunny day, (or was it many days, some sunny, some cloudy), a sweet beautiful girl (who also happens to be a famous Vietnamese singer named Bao Han) met a clever charming boy who swept her off her feet (or did she sweep him off his feet).  They met through some mutual good friends (or was it strangers in a bar) and fell instantly for love at first sight (or was it a deep friendship that blossomed passion later).

Engagement Photos - Bao Han & Tee Tran

Oh all right, the details of this courtship are, to say the least, a series of unusual serendipities that gradually revealed themselves to be fortuitous for both girl and boy.  I happen to be a lucky friend who got to listen to the fascinating story along the way and witnessed the romance come into fruition.  Some day, the girl may write an autobiography about her intriguing life and reveal the details to you, you may cross your fingers :)


All I know is, it was an absolute blast to snap some photos for them on our way to dinner.  They’re fun-loving and good-loving photography buffs who are so incredibly goofy and adorable on camera.  I felt like I was watching the happy ending of a romantic comedy.  Congratulations to Han & Tee, I can’t wait to shoot more photos of you two love birds.