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stripes & leopard

It has taken me a long time to wear this outfit.  The fearless gesture of mixing bold patterns like horizontal stripes and golden leopard used to be out of my timid fashion range.  Coming to the US at the age of 13, I consider myself a 1.5 generation immigrant and such a personal history typically does not consist much risk-taking.  Any sensible 1.5’er would try not to attract too much attention, whether by speaking accented English or wearing an unconventional mixture of patterns.  But I’ve become more optimistic over the years.  I grow less and less afraid to mis-pronounce new words I’ve only used in writing, as well as wearing whatever combination of eccentricities that strike my mood.  It feels free to be a risk-taking 1.5’er.

| American Apparel top & skirt | Bebe jacket (very old) | Zara scarf | Marc Jacobs tote | Madewell boots | Banana Republic necklace |