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Peek into the handbag…

I grew up with an extremely clean and organized mom.  On any given day, if you visit my parents, you will find my mom doing her cardio by walking around the house with rags under her feet so she can multitask.  If you proceed into the kitchen and open the refrigerator, you will find container after container, neatly lined up in a row like soldiers, labeled with content, date packed, cooked for whom, and expired date.


On any given day, if you visit my house, you won’t find me with rags under my feet or organizing my foods.  But the expression like mother like daughter has not set me free and I, admittedly, have my good share of obsessive organizing habits.  And a peek inside my handbag will show you how…

I divide the myriad items I may need into smaller bags, to avoid the aimless digging that wastes time and causes frustration.

Inside the cosmetic pouch: a clear setting powder compact, hand cream, perfume, and lip products.

Inside the paper pouch: a vintage London coin purse, my wallet that’s disguised as an old envelope, and my lucky money envelope (given to me by Mom & Dad every year).

Inside misc. pouch: headphones and thumb drive, sometimes gum.

There is always a notebook so I can jot down random verses and ideas.

If I still have room and feel inspired, I will pack a couple of jewelry items to transform a tired afternoon into a sparking evening.

How about you?  What’s in your everyday bag, and more than that, is there anything in your bag that reveals an intimate detail about your personality?  I’m all ears…

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