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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Peek into the handbag…

I grew up with an extremely clean and organized mom.  On any given day, if you visit my parents, you will find my mom doing her cardio by walking around the house with rags under her feet so she can multitask.  If you proceed into the kitchen and open the refrigerator, you will find container after container, neatly lined up in a row like soldiers, labeled with content, date packed, cooked for whom, and expired date.


On any given day, if you visit my house, you won’t find me with rags under my feet or organizing my foods.  But the expression like mother like daughter has not set me free and I, admittedly, have my good share of obsessive organizing habits.  And a peek inside my handbag will show you how…

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{in the mood for} pink

There is not a lot of rationality to why we like certain things and dislike others.  I recently was lucky enough to have a conversation with Dan Ariely, a psychologist rock-star and best-selling author of Predictably Irrational, about his work on irrational behavior.  If you haven’t had a chance to read his book, I invite you on the mentally scintillating journey.

I have never been a fan of the color pink, surprising confession considering that I’m quite a girly girl.  I can invent reasons for this dislike, such as my nonconformist self prefers to like things unliked by others.  But to be honest, I simply think that pink doesn’t look that great on me (possibly quite an irrational conclusion).  Luckily I buy things not only for the way they look but also for the way they feel, and this cashmere sweater is a bit like what I imagine heaven to feel.  It’s absolutely luxurious and indulgent.  The pink grows a bit easier on me when my skin gets to be caressed by the gorgeous texture.
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hotel routine

I normally travel a lot for work, but it has been especially intense the last few months.  I seem to be living out of hotels seventy five percent of the time.  As challenging as it is to make a hotel room feel like home, I think I’ve gotten really close.  Of course, it helps a tremendous amount when you stay in a luxurious hotel that prides itself on exceptionally personalized service, which is what The Mandarin Oriental New York does incredibly well.

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{neither} there {nor} here

Over the last few months, we have been traveling to New York quite a bit for our live shows as well as Apollo Robbins’s TV projects and appearances.  The airports are often demanding and exhausting, but I thoroughly enjoy being a bicoastal denizen.  The parched vastness of the Las Vegas valley becomes beautifully balanced once I spend the other half of my days climbing the skies with Manhattan’s high-rises.    The diverse lives of the city that come across my way in New York travel with me back to the desert, their faces carving out across the spectacular sandscape from my aerial view in the clouds, an almost perfect state of longing, neither there nor here.

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stripes & leopard

It has taken me a long time to wear this outfit.  The fearless gesture of mixing bold patterns like horizontal stripes and golden leopard used to be out of my timid fashion range.  Coming to the US at the age of 13, I consider myself a 1.5 generation immigrant and such a personal history typically does not consist much risk-taking.  Any sensible 1.5′er would try not to attract too much attention, whether by speaking accented English or wearing an unconventional mixture of patterns.  But I’ve become more optimistic over the years.  I grow less and less afraid to mis-pronounce new words I’ve only used in writing, as well as wearing whatever combination of eccentricities that strike my mood.  It feels free to be a risk-taking 1.5′er.

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