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{another} favorite

Remember when you were a child and your grandma made you that delicious Asian kale soup (canh rau đay) with dry shrimp that sent its steamy aroma right into your pleasure neurons (all right, for those of you who didn’t grow up in Vietnam, we’ll just say it’s chicken noodle); and then because you were a kid and indulgence was commonly accepted, you asked her to make it day after day, meal after meal, until you got sick of it?


Well, these new flats are like that for me, except I’m never going to get sick of them.  They are my comfort luxury / that are also gorgeous / that I can wear with everything / and to almost anywhere.

Chanel flats | Anthropologie sweater | Juicy Couture clutch (a gift from my friend Bao Han) | American Apparel midi skirt | Arden B leather jacket (very old) | BCBG necklace | Madewell rings