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Vietnam: chapter 4 – hạ long bay. part 2.

While we were in Ha Long, we visited one of the floating villages that inhabited a stretch of ocean around these beautiful isles.  This was such a unique opportunity for us to see a completely new way of living: many of the villagers were born on the water and have never been to land.  They were gracious enough to invite complete strangers to see their makeshift homes which float above colorful tubes.

We also visited Cat Ba island and hiked the gorgeous mountains and hills.  It rained sporadically through our hike, and my mist-soaked memories of this island consists mostly of this little girl’s haunting eyes.  She was very shy, but her eyes spoke volumes.

Without much television or other entertainment, the kids from the village on Cat Ba Island incorporated us, the tourists, into their game play.  They pretended we were zombies, this photo above showed them running away from us with their rich imagination.

The headwraps donned by these graceful ladies inspired me, you can see a preview below of how I will look when I get old.

Born at sea, most of the villagers learn to swim and row around 2 or 3.  They prefer to row with their feet while fishing with their hands.

This second set from Ha Long is not about pretty photos but as the villagers share their lives with me, I’d like to share my experience with you.  This visit left emotional imprints on my heart that was more than a paradigm shift, it gave me a set of new eyes through which to see my own reality, a reality that is definitely, too landlocked.

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