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{until next year} winter

Last month, it was both my blessing and curse to experience the first snowstorm of my life.  Nemo visited New Haven and gifted us with more than 3 feet of pure powder.  I had little idea of what preparation for a snowstorm entails, so it was my fortune to be sheltered by good friends who were also wonderful chefs and strong men.  I missed a gig because the airport closed but enjoyed the most peaceful three days in a winter wonderland.

The more frigid it gets outside, the cozier it was inside.  My friends baked delicious bread and pastries, cooked comforting soups and brewed rare teas.  I cuddled up with their handsome golden retriever, Linus, whose wonderful coat of golden hair made him an ideal snuggle partner.

I had always been afraid to experience winter, being in warm weather all my life (I was born and raised in Vietnam, spent my teenage years and young adulthood in Southern California, and now live in Las Vegas).  But the white magic brought by snow is undeniably a fantastic experience.  When that coat of frosty silver took over the charming New England town, a beautiful silence engulfed me and transported me to a place of inspiration, where all is pure and any is possible.