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travel journal: oahu, chapter 2.

As much of a reluctant tourist as I was to Hawaii, countless others have fallen in love with these islands for a good amount of reasons, the top of which has to be those perfect stretches of beach, the endless blue that extends from the water to the sky.

The North Shore of Oahu is an idyllic paradise away from the sardined Waikiki, loved equally by all types of locals, adventurous surfers that come for the fearless waves as well as playful families that come for island weekends.

After spending all morning with our feet warm in the sand, we spent a languorous afternoon in the lush gardens of Waimea before reaching the red waterfall, its water unusually colored from the volcanic dirt of the island.  The word of the land is that the rich water heals and gives… I’m a  cynic on land but this was Hawaii.  So, it was cold, but I dipped.

The warm days in paradise are wrapped with cool breeze and spectacular sunsets, the kinds of sunsets that make you question your city-loving soul and ask yourself if you could be happy living out your days on these sun-soaked islands, content with living off the land and filling your soul off the water, watching sunsets every evening with your love from a little red car, hmm… perhaps my old definition of happiness needs some island updates.

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