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limes on black

I’ve had this sheer black blouse with the lemons and limes print for almost 15 years.  It has survived every closet purge, not because I’ve worn it often, but because I’ve always had a special instinct about it, as if even though I didn’t quite know how it fit into my outfits throughout the years, I always thought there may be a day I will find it a pairing.  Sometimes clothing articles are like poems, some at first read don’t quite make sense to you, but you can’t quite forget them.  You think about them throughout passing situations of your life, searching the passages, combing the lines and trying to find meaning.  And then one day, someone or something happens to you, and the first thought to appear: a line from that poem.

| vintage blouse | F21 sweater | Zara necklace | Jewelmint bracelet | Bebe pants (very old) | Rag & Bone shoes |