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rain or shine


I knew that going to Vietnam during December would mean the embrace of all things wet, humid, and rainy.  Starting our travel in Saigon up the country and ending in Hanoi would also mean a myriad of temperatures, ranging from high 50’s to mid 90’s.  While this spoke of the beauty and variety of landscape and climate that my country had to offer, it also meant potentially a lot of clothes and a sizable luggage.  I brought a light parka with a detachable fur hood (Zara) and a Long Champ foldable tote bag (in many colors here) that doubled as my carry-on to pair with a wrinkle-free neutral-colored dress (H&M).  The only heavy item that I couldn’t sacrifice was these Burberry rain boots (also available here); the torrential downpour that we suffered in the Central region justified that decision completely.