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It is my firm belief that January is the month of which most melancholic writing is produced.  I’ve often wondered if many Sylvia Plath poems were born this month, along with the rest of my favorite woes-laden poetry, though beautifully crafted, nevertheless proceeds to send you straight into a mid-winter depression.

While the winter of Las Vegas is very mild, the suburban isolation gets terribly intensified during this month for me.  I often suffer a considerable case of post-holiday-blues.  With my favorite season (self-confessed Christmas addict) ending, taking with it all the excitement of irresponsible drinking, eating and shopping, I curl inward and crave for interior beauty and comfort.

This outfit alleviates my seasonal mood swings with luxurious textures of lace, silk, patent leather, and the surprisingly delicate vegan fur:

Club Monaco pants, Zara top & blazer, H&M faux fur collar, and Bebe mary-janes.