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a winter bird

Half a year ago, we welcomed Gypsy into our home, an adorable little rascal of a caique parrot, a fantastically playful creature with whom I could never have imagined falling so madly in love.  The bird and I are close to inseparable.  I always thought that I would have a dog, maybe a cat, never a bird.  But as life would have it, I fell in love with someone who loves birds and who also happens to be a recognized master of influence and persuasion.  So we adopted a parrot into our small family and have been living happily ever after.

I could never guess that I would also quickly and enthusiastically follow the trend of bird-themed clothing.  Yes, I’m aware that this officially gives me the half-pathetic label of “the bird lady” and I’m completely indifferent to the social scrutiny.  So here’s the first sweater that pays homage to my love for Gypsy and his kind.  That’s me, a thirty-something-year-old going on twelve, proudly regressing into all kinds of puppy birdy love of the first pet fever.

Wearing F21 sweater, blouse, and skirt.  Sam Edelman clogs, Marc Jacobs bag, Anthropologie necklace, Juicy Couture watch & Sylk bracelet.