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{the beauty that is} Vizcaya Gardens. part 1.

Do I dare say this: I may enjoy Vizcaya gardens as much as Versailles.  There, I said it.  Well, let’s back up a bit, Versailles is untouchable, a destination that is stunningly glamorous and tells a history of excessive wealth and the decline of an empire, marking a significant change in the collective tale of a nation.  I’m definitely not putting the two places on parallel shelves.  I’m only saying that Vizcaya is most similar in beauty and atmosphere to Versailles, and much closer in distance and accessibility.

So if Paris, France is not in the near future of your travels, I really recommend Vizcaya.  It has the gilded architecture, the manicured mazes, the historic textures impacted by signs of time and water, and it also has the magnificent Atlantic ocean at its feet, gently bringing dreamy-sounding waves and the inspirations of imagination.