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an old tree

I have a bit of a confession to make, I’m sorta a banyan tree photo addict.  If I have the opportunity to run into a gorgeous banyan on my travels, I will most likely go out of my way to construct photographs with it.  Something about the vastness of the its branches have convinced me that the banyan will stand a perfect backdrop for my photo, one that can transcend mere reality into the purest and most glamorous canvas of escapism.  The complicated and mysterious textures of the bark, whether interlaced with aerial roots or weaving with smaller vines, provides for the most extravagant imagination.

Lucky for me, my journeys cross the banyans often.  This past month, I was again in South Florida, and the surrounding suburbs of Miami are homes to some of the most stunning banyans.  Massive distances of glorious trees line the picturesque streets of Coconut Grove and hug each other with their powerful branches to provide the historic city a gentle shade, like an old reliable friend who will always be there.

H&M sweater, pants, and bikini top.  Banana Republic necklace, and J Crew purse.