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Does any of you have a lot of clothes with sayings on it?  I’ve always loved the fun factor of sayings on t-shirts, sweaters, and the likes, but have not really owned any.  I would see a girlfriend with a playful off-the-shoulder tee that says “My boyfriend’s out of town” or “Young, beautiful, and rich” and admire her courage for wearing such a declarative piece of fashion, that is also, so obviously true!  I love her ability to not only verbalize how she feels at that moment, but also to express it, in print, and for every passerby to see.  But I don’t often have the ability to commit, and wearing such sayings seemed to turn these states-of-mind somehow … permanent.  I can only approach commitment in smaller bites, with a bit less crunch.  So this Bonjour sweater was perfect for sayings-shy fashion lovers like me – it’s non-committal, vague, and hopefully more universal than personal.
ASOS sweater, ZARA coat, F21 skirt, BCBG necklace/gold ring/bracelet, Parallele ballet flats (my favorite purchase from Paris), ONA camera bag (a gift from my brothers), Juicy Couture watch, House of Harlow silver rings, typewriter key bracelet (from New York flea market).