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{Hillcrest} farmer’s market

Dream weekend: wake up in Hillcrest condo, do a run in SoCal’s brisk morning air at lush Balboa park, shower and get dressed in cute outfit for girl’s brunch at Extraordinary, then shop at farmer’s market with hand-woven basket in hand.
Realistic weekend: wake up in Vegas suburbs, do same old exercise video due to dry cold desert winters, shower and get dressed in sweats for comfort at the airport, brave temporary loss of dignity at TSA search while scrolling twitter feeds for much-needed entertainment and human connection.
Back to dream weekend: browse the colorful produce aisles, ask farmers about what to make from the unique-looking squashes, then move on the fruits and flowers, take a ridiculous amount of photos and spend at least 5 minutes on photo editing apps, instagram most of them, and then buy everything in sight due the visually-stimulated appetite only to beg neighbors to take some off my hands later…
Realistic weekend: grab predictable airport Starbucks… 
Dream weekend: drink freshly made beet/carrot/kale/orange/ginger/apple juice that I actually like.
Realistic weekend: middle seat
Dream weekend: listen to bohemian musical groups, browse jewelry and other handmade accessories, buy organic almond extract for BFF, tell BFF jokes, laugh uncontrollably, walk, laugh again, walk some more….
(all dream scenarios set at Hillcrest Farmer’s market)