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{extraordinary} Desserts

I love cakes.  

Those three words describe me thoroughly.  I’ve loved cakes since childhood days growing up in Vietnam where cake was a luxury only to be had on one’s birthday, and not everyone’s birthday for that matter.  You see, refrigerators were not every household’s appliance in my poverty-stricken country; and without systematic cooling, butter, milk, creme, and all other things needed to make cake were out of reach for the average Vietnamese.  So that’s when my love affair with cake began, first as a desire so untouchable.  And even after I moved to the U.S., cake’s allure never subsided for me.  I’ve just discovered even more types of cakes to love: pineapple upside-down cake, red velvet cake, apple cakes.  My last meal, well, it would be cake.

So I was destined to love Extraordinary Desserts, the place where only the best cakes are allowed into existence.  The best cakes dressed up with the best flowers and fruits and propped up in all their glamour behind multiple shiny glass cabinets.  Well, it is the BEST food porn if you ask me, the BEST!

Anytime is a good time to come to Extraordinary.  It’s become the first date place to be, so unless my sugar cravings are unquenchable, you won’t find me here on a weekend night, with lines packed out the door and made-up girls in their bandage dresses clicking their heels.  More likely, you’ll find me and my BFF here on Sunday morning, with our “love is chocolate” tea cups and our “desserts as breakfast” indulgence.  Yes, it is the ideal place for ladies who brunch, the only time I have no shame in displaying full-on yuppiness, paying $8 for a two-cup pot of tea and $9 for a slice of cake.

Speaking of, I’ve tried a lot of the cakes here, and my BFF has tried all the rest.  My favorites are definitely the passionfruit torte, the blueberry cheesecake coffee cake, and the torte misu.  I’ve definitely also cheated on cakes, having many affairs with the chocolate croissant bread pudding and enjoying every single minute of that infidelity.

And in case you were in the mood for food porn, see the pictures below…