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candied {colored}

If among my personal fortunes in life are my girlfriends, then lately I’ve been strapped for cash.  I’m still blessed with rewarding female friendships, but many of them have moved from Las Vegas and most of them now live far from me.  Good friends are built for catching up and if you are close companions, then you always pick up where you left off.  But there’s nothing quite like having the reliable routine weekend brunch with your best gals.  And not only do I miss the company, I also miss the fashion.
Dressing for women is very different from dressing for men.  Women are equipped with a completely separate set of social contexts, from which a myriad of fashion inspirations can be drawn.  Details are shoes and handbags are the entrees, not just the appetizers or desserts.  And the expression of the outfit is prioritized higher on the list than the flattering cut of the fit.  This outfit is one of those I would have assembled on Thursday and excitedly wait for the Sunday girlfriends’ lunch.  It’s dressing up in all of its girly glamour, a kaleidoscope of cheerful candies to pair with endless laughs and flowing champagne.
H&M peplum blouse and patent belt, Asos skirt, vintage clutch, Christian Louboutin pumps, Belle Noel ring, BCBG bracelet, Juicy Couture watch.
all photos shot by the BFF