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Cafe Chloe

Among my personal fortunes in life are my girlfriends.   Rewarding female friendships do not come along every girl’s life, but when they do, they’re often better with brunch and handbags.  Cafe Chloe provides the perfect backdrop to have a delicious meal before heading out to a shopaholic’s adventure.  It’s French bohemia served up on beautiful plates and completed with thoughtful marketing.
Most of the diners who come to Cafe Chloe find themselves returning here.  If you return with a girlfriend, you know to ask for the table looking out the French windows, built for the interesting people-watching of San Diego’s East Village.  And if you return with a lover, you know to ask for the cozy table on the discreet indoors balcony.

Brunch is a well-kept secret here, and I’m glad for that.  We received top-notch service while munching on our whole-wheat pancakes and poached eggs atop wild mushrooms.  Pancakes were too delicious to be healthy but the whole grain did keep us full a good while.  Eggs were expertly poached and the wild mushrooms tasted like they came a short distance from a farm very near.

Atmosphere felt feminine and dreamy with the help of Chloe’s own scented candles, sold at the restaurant along with the other adorable accessories (pictured above).  Their motif is the art of silhouette of which I’m an admitted fan.  The highlight of this is featured on the most clever piece of marketing for a brunch restaurant, the purse hanger, didn’t I say it’s built for girlfriends?