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{shades of} blue


I’ve always been afraid of combining prints and patterns.  Growing up with two brothers and a working mother, the fashion aesthetic encouraged for me was always a fail-safe simplicity.  This approach was always at the forefront of my girlhood wardrobe, although it conflicted many times with my innate desire to experiment, leading to many fashion mistakes made along the years, a popular theme being the too matchy-matchy shortcut.

Age has subsided the embarrassment factor a lot for me and I’m not as afraid to take my outfits with a more light-hearted approach.  I wear what I feel like and am a lot less confined by rules and fear of fashion failure.  This outfit allowed me to combine a few whimsical touches with one of favorite shade, the French bleu.  Altogether, it is nowhere simple and perhaps all too matching, but I had so much fun wearing it.

I bought the hat from a fantastic vintage shop in Portland, the shoes are Mark & James, my all-time favorite print handbag from Anthropologie, a Corey Lynn Calter dress, Club Monaco bracelets my friend Chatnoir gave me and Madewell rings.