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Oh Bacchanal…

Okay, confession number one: living in Vegas gets you spoiled about a few things.  Confession number two: living in Vegas as a Yelper gets you even more spoiled about a few more things.  You get your pick at the world’s top fine dining, hotel services, spa hospitality, nightlife, among others.  There is a constant competition between resort owners to see who can offer up the best latest thing, or at least spend the most money doing it.So what’s the latest thing and who’s spent the most at it?  Buffets: ones that offer restaurant quality food, specialty items never seen before the mass produce line-up of buffets, and free wine & beer, of course!  And in this extravagant race, Bacchanal is the reigning stallion.

To be completely honest, I’m not a big fan of buffets.  My famously ridiculous appetite of the early 20’s has given way to age and these days I’m lucky to hold down two glasses and 3 courses.  I eat often and little, and I like it that way, on most days, except on the day I go to Bacchanal.  Because not only do I get to eat top quality food that is individually plated and thoughtfully presented, I also get to eat things that are usually never offered in buffets: stone crab, soup dumplings, and chocolate souffle.

If you’ve ever been traumatized by the circus that was old Vegas buffets, and my previous three paragraphs haven’t had you convinced, check out the photos: